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316 Provincial Suspensions, 170 Criminal Code Charges in April Impaired Focus

by SGI

The results from the April Traffic Safety Spotlight show 316 drivers were suspended for exceeding the provincial limits for alcohol or drugs, and another 170 were charged under the Criminal Code for an impaired driving offence.

The April Spotlight highlighted the fact that new drivers typically receive a disproportionate amount of provincial administrative driving suspensions related to alcohol and drugs. The latest results show a continuation of that pattern.

New drivers make up about nine per cent of all drivers in Saskatchewan, but accounted for more than one-third of the total number of suspensions issued by law enforcement in April. Suspensions: 316 – New drivers: 113 (49 alcohol, 64 drugs) – Experienced drivers: 203 (77 alcohol, 126 drugs)

New drivers (i.e., Learners, Novices and anyone under 22) aren’t allowed any alcohol or drugs in their system when they drive. Police have approved screening devices that can determine the presence of alcohol and drugs in your system. Under provincial legislation, a new driver will be suspended for exceeding .00 blood alcohol concentration (BAC) on a roadside breath test or failing an oral fluid swab for cannabis and other drugs. The roadside swabs fail drivers who exceed 25 ng/ml of THC in their oral fluid. (The same limits for THC apply to new and experienced drivers.)

If you’re a new driver, exceeding the provincial limits will set you up for the stone-cold reality of losing your driver’s licence for at least 60 days, and having your vehicle impounded for 72 hours. (Experienced drivers receive a three-day suspension for a first offence for a BAC between .04-.08 or failing a roadside oral fluid swab.)

The bottom line: always drive sober. If you’re using alcohol or drugs, make sure that you find a safe ride, with a sober driver behind the wheel.

Other results from the April Traffic Safety Spotlight:
• 4,203 tickets for speeding and aggressive driving offences;
• 381 tickets for people not wearing a seatbelt, or not using the proper car seat or booster; and
• 573 tickets for distracted driving, including 465 for using a cellphone.

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