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City of Martensville Launches New Program Registration Software

by Shanine Sealey

This week, the City of Martensville 2021 Fall Program Guide will be delivered to homes in the community in preparation for program registration to open on August 16th at 9:00am; however, things will look a little different this time when it comes to registering online.

A new registration software called Perfect Mind will now be utilized, as the previous version used by the City of Martensville, and many other communities throughout Saskatchewan, is no longer available.

Angie Reddekopp, City of Martensville Program Coordinator, explained that there are numerous new features and functions that will now be offered with the software. She also noted that following multiple test runs, they have found that the new system is user-friendly and more appealing to the eye than the previous version.

This version will also include more advanced communication tools, with the added bonus of a calendar on your account that will show what activities you are currently registered for. Another new feature is the addition of available dates for facility rentals in the community; however, you will still be required to call to book a date and time.

Previously, when registering for a program, if someone signed up before you were able to complete your transaction, you would lose your spot; however, the new software will hold your spot for five minutes while you complete your transaction.

“We are really excited about the new features and think that people will really appreciate the new options,” Reddekopp said.

All active membership holders are being moved over to the new system prior to August 16th. “We are in the process of updating all the information for anyone that has a membership – whether it be a one-month, a 10-pack, 12-month, whatever the case may be. All those people will be put into the new system and then receive an email with a username and password and will not need to set up their account. For anyone that does not have an active membership, they will need to go online and create an account.”

There is currently a preview of the site available at www.martensville.ca that can be accessed by scrolling down on the website and clicking on ‘Program Registrations’ or ‘Recreation Schedules’.

When creating an account, you are able to enter your entire family under one login, which will include birth dates to ensure that individuals are the correct ages for the programs they are registering for.

“We are excited to launch this and excited about the opportunity that this will provide for the residents of our community. We do ask that you bear with us through the initial launch of the program. We will do our best to help and assist everyone if they are having any issues,” Reddekopp stated.

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