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Support is Needed for KidSport Month in May

by Jocelyn Ottenbreit

KidSport™ is a national not-for-profit organization that helps families to provide financial assistance for registration and equipment costs to go towards sports for children that are 18 years and under.

The City of Martensville established their Kidsport Program in 2016 and thanks to many local businesses and organizations who contributed generously over the years it has been a huge success.

This local KidSport program has helped make a huge difference in the community helping over 200 kids. The biggest fundraising event is the KidSport playhouse fundraiser initiated by Martensville A&W owner Brian Buffin, along with his wife Bernice and daughter Rachelle. This fundraiser earned them the ‘Community Champion’ award, which recognizes small acts of kindness, and exceptional acts of service. With the help of many sponsors for this project such as Martensville Building & Home Supply, Martensville and District Lions Club, Brad’s Towing, Martensville High School, to name a few, this successful fundraiser has brought in over $43,000 over the past five years that helped local children to be able to participate in organized sports.

May is KidSport Month and there are various fundraisers taking place where you can participate in one or more of these fundraisers to help raise money “So All Kids Can Play” right here in Martensville:

  1. The Kidsport Raffle has begun so you can purchase tickets for a chance to win a 1000-square-foot playhouse.
  2. The Drop and Go service at Sarcan in Martensville allows you to leave your order at the depot and get refunds transferred electronically. You can donate your order to KidSport Warman, Martensville & Area or pick-up can be arranged.
  3. You can become a Corporate Friend of Kidsport by donating $250.
  4. Raise the Dough for Kidsport is at Dominos on Thursday, May 27th. If you order Dominos ‘Kid Sport Special’ which is two medium 3-topping pizzas and a cheesy bread for $26.99, every $5 will go towards Kidsport and stays in our own community! Anyone can order this special so make sure and let all your friends and family know.

Angela Reddekopp, local KidSport Chapter President, said that because our community is growing, there is a bigger need as the number of applications are higher every year. “Please help support Kidsport this month. With the pandemic there have been quite a few more applications coming in and we have not been able to fundraise like we have in the past. Your donation is needed now more than ever. Thank you for your support!”

For more information on how you can help donate, and where to purchase raffle tickets, you can e-mail areddekopp@martensville.ca.

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