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Young Entrepreneur Creates Unique Jewelry Line

by Shanine Sealey

From a young age Katarina Sopatyk always enjoyed jewelry, treasuring pieces handed down to her by members of her family, but it was last year that she decided to take things one step further. After being given a bag of broken jewelry, Sopatyk chose to design her own pieces and see where it would lead.

Kjjewelrybykat began by chance after Sopatyk’s grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer. “I wanted to do something to help, and it was during COVID, so I had extra time on my hands. I decided to design some pieces and sell them with a portion of my proceeds going to support breast cancer. Since then, I have supported other charities such as Autism Awareness and the women’s shelter in Saskatoon last Christmas,” Sopatyk said. The first line of jewelry saw 10% of all sales go towards breast cancer research, and from there, Sopatyk has continued to donate 10% of her sales to various causes.

At only 16 years old, Sopatyk’s passion is clear when listening to her discuss her business, and the young woman doesn’t shy away from hard work as she currently has two jobs on top of running her own business.
This young entrepreneur from Martensville has an artistic mind that allows her to create beautiful pieces, many of which are inspired by the women in her life, including her mom and aunt. “I absolutely love the idea of female empowerment and I am so lucky to have such strong women around me that I can look up to. They inspire me to work hard and prove that I can really do anything,” Sopatyk said.

Various pieces created by Sopatyk have been used in photo shoots, and recently, her line is being carried at Dutch Growers, as well as Belong Lifestyle in Martensville. Kjjewelrybykat can also be found online at www.kjjewelrybykat.com, as well as on Instagram and Facebook where you can find a variety of incredible pieces at affordable prices.

With plans to continue to grow her business, Sopatyk hopes to see her line in more stores in the future, and someday would like to become a hairdresser with her own salon that she can sell her pieces in.

“The feeling I get when someone loves something I created is amazing. I am so appreciative for everyone that has supported me and can’t believe how fortunate I am.”

Last year, at 15 years old, Sopatyk could have never imagined that things would have taken off the way they did, but she is grateful that they did. “I was so nervous to do this thinking that it wouldn’t work, but just went for it and it has been amazing so far. For anyone else unsure of pursuing something they love, don’t be scared. Just go for it because you never know what could happen if you don’t try.”

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