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Wipstream Company Commits to Improving Internet Experience

by Jocelyn Ottenbreit

We are always looking for new ways to improve our internet performance in our province and Joe Donlevy, Founder and CEO of Wipstream, is very excited about his new system which he states will bring better internet to rural and remote customers in Saskatchewan and throughout Canada. “We believe that everyone should have access to good internet and have developed Wipstream to use the infra-structure that is already in place so that the internet experience can be improved today,” said Donlevy.

Wipstream, which is based in Saskatoon, is a system designed to improve internet performance by combining your existing internet connection with cellular data to improve your internet experience. This system increases bandwith when needed, reduces data usage on all connections, has much higher ‘upload’ speeds, and a 7/24 failover capacity, according to Donlevy.

Donlevy explained that the way the system works is it only adds cellular data when your demand exceeds your existing capacity. “The data management algorithms will maximize your existing connection before bringing in the cell data to keep data costs low. When you don’t need the boost, you don’t use the data.”

Systems such as SaskTel Fusion or Xplornet have data caps, and Wipstream’s traffic management system will reduce data usage as high as 40% for some users. “This would effectively double the available high speed data from your existing connection.”

Wipstream can increase your upload speed by up to 10 times thus making video calling, FaceTime, Zoom, Teams etc., a viable service, especially in rural systems where the download speed in much higher than the upload speed. “While the cellular capacity is not always used, it is always available and in the event of a failure of the existing connection, Wipstream will deliver your internet service via the cellular channel until the Primary connection is re-established.”

The system is composed of a special purpose router (the box) and a proprietary software system to manage the connection. Wipstream is completely self contained and requires no setup, as explained by Donlevy.

“Once powered up, the customer needs only to connect the Wipstream to the home internet either by a cable to the home network router or by connecting to the home wireless network (just like your cell phone). That’s it. When the customer connects to the Wipstream wifi, they will be getting the benefit of two data streams and all the intelligent data management of the Wipstream system.”

Because Wipstream is built specifically to improve slower internet connections, it is particularly effective in situations where the customer uses a satellite service, (such as Xplornet), point to point wireless (Access, SaskTel Fusion, etc.) and DSL connections. These kinds of connections are very common at homes and cabins throughout rural Saskatchewan.

Wipstream offers a great standard plan which includes a 30-day free trial with no money up front, and the subscription only starts at the end of the trial period. Customers can decide at any time during the trial period not to proceed and return the device with no questions asked.

“Telecom carriers and governments across the country are building fibre optic networks to improve access to the internet. These networks will eventually be more available and without question will provide very good service to the market. However, these projects take years to complete. Until that time, Wipstream will bridge the gap between existing connections and a fibre optic future by making what you have work better in a simple and cost effective manner,” said Donlevy.

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