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Warning to Small Pet Owners

by Shanine Sealey

Saskatchewan is home to many forms of wildlife and often times, these creatures find their way into communities which can cause concern for area residents. Such a case happened in Martensville recently as a local resident came upon a disturbing scene in her front yard. Walking outside, Kimberley Hay discovered an owl and its prey, a jackrabbit similar in pic-of-owlsize to many small pets. Hay shared the encounter on a local community Facebook page warning other residents to be cautious, especially when it comes to letting their small sized pets outside unattended. “The rabbit isn’t much different in size or coloring than our Cuddles, which makes me a bit nervous and not wanting to let her outside,” Hay commented regarding her beloved furry family member.

It isn’t a highly common occurrence for an owl to attack a small dog or cat; however, it is not unheard of. In April of 2014, the Town of Aberdeen saw several apparent owl attacks on small dogs, with a Chihuahua getting killed by the Great Horned Owl. In one case, the pet’s owner was standing next to her dog when the owl swooped down for a closer look at its meal prospect. According to news reports, the owl grabbed the dog and dragged him about four feet, with the owner kicking the owl, which finally made it release her dog.

Typically these attacks take place when there are limited food options available to the owl. Great Horned Owls are large at approximately 22 inches tall and are the most common species of owls within the province. They most often prey on mice and rabbits, with recorded incidents of attacks on larger animals such as Canada Geese.


Featured Image courtesy of Emmalene Galambos via Facebook

Image in Article courtesy of Kimberley Hay via Facebook

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