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VHS Continues to Work Together Through School Shut Down

by guest

COVID-19 has impacted our community and our schools, and the disruption continues to impact students and teachers worldwide. But here at Venture Heights School we are staying strong and keeping positive. Our educators; amongst looking after their own families, have been working hard to make remote learning at home the best that it can be!

Programs have included Class Do-Jo, Google Classroom, Google Chat/ Meet, Sumdog, and Mathletics. We recently implemented Seesaw and Starfall for our younger grades. Much of the success in providing these programs for students comes from the fact that teachers work so closely together throughout the school year. The distance challenge from Covid-19 has made that collaboration all the more useful!

The responses from our families have been amazing and the participation from students has made this all worth it! They are still eager to learn.

Our Director of Education, Lori Jeschke, stated this in a post she received, “Connection is first, everything else is second. A very distant second”.

We are looking forward to the days ahead – Together!

From all of us at Venture Heights; Take care, stay healthy, and be kind to one another!

PHOTO CAPTION: VHS Grade 4 teacher Ashley Boehm at her kitchen table engaging in a staff meeting. (Submitted)

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