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Venture Heights Students Put on ‘A Roaring’ Good Performance

by Shanine Sealey

A large group of staff and students from Venture Heights Elementary School in Martensville are reaching the end of their long journey. After approximately three months of hard work, their performance of Disney’s The Lion King Jr. is ready for the big debut!

The first performances were for students within Venture Heights, with the younger grades getting a chance to take in the amazing displays of talent on Monday, December 5th, followed by the older grades on Tuesday, December 5th. During the play, the crowd was captivated by the musical abilities of the entire cast.

“The students have put in hundreds, and I really do mean hundreds of hours perfecting their performances,” VHS Vice-Principal Nicole Lacoursiere said. This statement was made abundantly clear from the first musical number right to the very end as each and every one of the students played their part to perfection. The play, which reflects the original ‘The Lion King’ movie made famous by Disney in 1994, shows the storyline of Simba, from a cub into adulthood, and his adventures and challenges throughout this time.

Each year the staff and students at Venture Heights put on a musical performance which showcases the talented students throughout grades 5 to 8. Students begin participating as cast and/or crew early in the school year, with the performances taking place in early to mid-December.

Performances for the public will be held Wednesday, December 6th and Thursday, December 7th at 7pm. Admission at the door is $5 and $2 for students under 14. “Be prepared to hear some fantastic singing. These students have put in a lot of hard work and are really excited to show everyone what they have been working so hard on,” said Lacoursiere prior to the play beginning.



Students at Venture Heights Elementary School performed ‘The Lion King Jr’ and had the audience captivated with their musical abilities.


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