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Vehicles For Hire Act Paves the Way for Ridesharing Services

by Government of Saskatchewan

Legislation Introduced Today Will Allow for Ridesharing Services to Operate in Saskatchewan

The Vehicles for Hire Act sets out the framework for ridesharing services also referred to as “transportation network companies” in the legislation. These services provide a vehicle and driver for pre-arranged transportation through a digital platform or app.

“The fight against impaired driving is a priority for our government and Saskatchewan people have told us this will provide another option for them to get home safely,” Minister responsible for Saskatchewan Government Insurance Joe Hargrave said. “This legislation provides a framework for licensing and insurance, sets out appropriate safeguards for the public, and gives municipalities the authority to determine the right public transportation mix for their communities.”

Other notable items in the legislation include:

•The ridesharing company must file written evidence of a motor vehicle liability insurance policy with a minimum limit of $1 million.
•The company must insure every vehicle used to provide service under The Automobile Accident Insurance Act.
•Municipalities continue to be able to make bylaws that also govern ridesharing companies in their town or city.
•Mandatory criminal record checks for all drivers (rideshare, limousines and taxis).
•A prescribed driver’s licence class which will apply to ridesharing company drivers, taxis and limousines.

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