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Upcoming Soccer Season Sees Record Breaking Registration

by Shanine Sealey

As the weather continues to get warmer (then cooler, and then warmer again), it reminds us that spring is officially here and with that comes a variety of new activities. One of those activities includes the new season of soccer in the community.

Martensville Soccer is only a couple of weeks away from kickoff and Kevin Munson, Vice President of the Martensville Soccer Association (MSA) is looking forward to the new season.

The MSA has been around since the 1980’s and Munson, who recently took on the role of running the association, knew that it would be a good fit for him. “I grew up in the City and I want to help grow the sport in Martensville,” Munson said.

Having joined the board in December of last year, Munson noted that a large part of his role involves coaching and providing oversight to the other coaches. “I enjoyed seeing the way the kids grow in that short space of time. I came in with the idea of growing the sport with a new structure and approach to the game for Martensville,” Munson explained.

With this restructuring of the organization, Munson is actively recruiting both female and male members and coaches and is working with both new and returning board members to continue to make improvements to the MSA. Munson and the Coach Coordinator are currently building session plans for coaches at all levels.

“Together, we can implement new programs, like camps. We are also making sure that our coaches are trained for the levels that are required. We look forward to seeing the progress our coaches make and how they pass on that development to the kids.”

The current season will see 200 kids participating in soccer, which is a 20% increase from the previous outdoor seasons, even prior to the COVID pandemic. Ages range from 4 years old to 13 years old; however, Munson would like to see the 15 years and older age groups begin taking place in the community once again.

“The teams are entered in league play this year for the first time in years. This means, not only will kids get training time, they will also get match time, both of which are really important to their development as players.”

The MSA is actively looking for more individuals to get involved for both volunteer and paid positions, including refs and coaches for the upcoming season. To get involved in this growing sport in Martensville, contact Kevin Munson at msa.info.sk@gmail.com or visit the Martensville Soccer Association Facebook page.

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