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Travelling Theatre Experience Making It’s Way to Martensville

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Photo Credit: Britainy Zapshalla

Sum Theatre is getting extra creative this year amidst the COVID-19 pandemic with a simple, summer joy; the sound of happy music coming down your block with the promise of a sweet treat. That’s how they will be reinventing their summer show this year.

“We want to recreate that excitement of an ice cream truck,” says actor Krystle Pederson. “We want people to hear us coming and start walking to find us. This is a show that will bring laughter and joy to families in our community and that’s what it’s all about.” Turn, Turn, Turn is a travelling theatre experience coming to Saskatoon and Martensville July 28th – August 16th.

Because of the pandemic, Sum had to swap its traditional Theatre in the Park model for a moving performance that the whole community can enjoy without gathering in large groups. For each “show”, a start time and neighbourhood will be posted on social media and then the audience will find us.

The ensemble will be following a pickup truck and trailer pulling props and puppets as they travel along. Inspired by childrens’ artistic submissions the performance weaves a tale of healing, helping, friendship and love through a looping series of theatrical moments.

“We used the wonderful videos, drawings and poems that children sent in to the Sum Creation Studio and responded to them with music, puppets and movement,” says actor Yulissa Campos. “With this show, we were not bound to a script. We were given incredible freedom to create a show that engages the audience and still keeps them safe.”

Pederson says after five months of cancellations and upheavals in the arts, it’s been wonderful to get back with other artists and create something that we have all been missing. “It’s much needed. Sum Theatre has always been about engaging the community and it’s been really fun to dive back in. I’m excited for children to recognize parts of the show they helped create.”

Sum’s artistic producer Heather Morrison says the entire team is grateful to be welcomed back into the community to perform. “From where the audience members pause to watch, they might get to see the whole “show”, or they may just catch a glimpse. Either way, we promise to make it magical!”

Local businesses JAGplus and Bravo Dance, along with the City of Martensville hopped on board to help bring this incredible event to Martensville on August 13th.

Visit https://sumtheatre.com/Theatre-in-the-Park for all dates and communities this summer or visit ‘Sum Theatre Saskatoon’ on Facebook for more information.

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