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A Time of Renewal with Spring Session Underway

by Nancy Hepner

Spring is a time of renewal and new beginnings, and this Spring Sitting of the Saskatchewan Legislature is no exception. A new Premier, a new Leader of the Official Opposition, and three new Saskatchewan Party MLAs were recently welcomed to the Assembly in their new roles. Members of the Assembly have also elected a new Speaker and stand ready to welcome our new Lieutenant Governor.

It has been said that the more things change, the more they stay the same. And the first week of session has served as an example of that. Our government is focused on continuing to pursue our 3-year plan to balance the budget while keeping the Saskatchewan economy strong and growing. In contrast, while the Opposition elected a new leader, we still see the same old NDP.

The NDP spent the first week of session advocating for a carbon tax that would drive many of the job-creators who support Saskatchewan families right out of this province. By rejecting our Made-in-Saskatchewan Climate Change Strategy and embracing the Trudeau/NDP carbon tax, they continue to demonstrate just how out of touch they are with the priorities of Saskatchewan people.

The choice between the path we’re on and the path proposed by the NDP is clear. Not only do the NDP want a carbon tax, their new leader isn’t worried about balancing the budget. In fact, Ryan Meili’s leadership platform promises a lot of new spending – at least $2.5 billion more every year. His plan would lead to unsustainable borrowing that would weaken our strong fiscal foundation and burden our kids and grandkids with a future of higher taxes and lost opportunity.

Our government refuses to simply kick the can down the road, burdening future generations and threatening the industries that drive growth in our province.

We will meet the fiscal challenges we face by controlling government spending and continuing to support the hard-working people of Saskatchewan. We appreciate feedback from our constituents and are ready to listen and stand up for

Saskatchewan people. Working with the people of our province, we will meet the challenges ahead to secure a better future for our kids and their kids.

Saskatchewan’s finances continue to be on track in 2017-18, confirmed by a smaller deficit forecast in the recently released third quarter financial report. On April 10th we will deliver a budget that balances the priorities of the people of Saskatchewan with the fiscal realities we face.

During a season of change at the Legislative Building, much remains the same. We will stand on our record in government, we will work with the Opposition when it makes sense, and we will continue to stand up for and defend Saskatchewan’s interests to secure a future we can all be proud of.

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