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Tapping Their Way To TeleMiracle

by Shanine Sealey

A group of local women are coming together to do their part for the biggest fundraiser in Saskatchewan. TeleMiracle 43 will be taking place this March and at 2:07pm on Sunday, March 3rd, ‘The Ville Tap Troupe’ will be performing on stage.
The Ville Tap Troupe was established in 2017, and consists of a group of women from Martensville and surrounding communities. Initially consisting of 7 dancers, the group has grown in size to now include over 25 members that come together weekly to get out of the house, meet new people, move, dance and just enjoy each other’s company. The ladies meet at Bravo Dance Company (BDC) in Martensville and under the creative direction of BDC owner/operator Meagan Barabash, have tapped their way to the TeleMiracle stage.

The group auditioned for a spot on the TeleMiracle stage this past November, and was ecstatic to find out that they made the cut. “There are so many amazing acts that come out to audition, so we thought that we would give it a shot, and if we didn’t make it, then at least we tried. Finding out that we will be performing on the TeleMiracle stage was so exciting for all of us,” Kari Dean of ‘The Ville Dance Troupe’ explained. Consisting of women in a range of ages and of dance experience, Dean continued to state that since inception, the group has grown immensely in size; however, not all of the women are comfortable performing at TeleMiracle. Those taking to the stage consist of; Allison Adamus, Allison Winchester, Carolynn Chow, Jessica Penner, Jolene Odnokon, Kalicia Chorney, Kari Dean, Lindsay Cockrum, Meagan Barabash, Dawn Hebert, Rachael Strozen, Tammy Sarich and Tina Funk.

Leading up to their big performance, the group is organizing a ‘3D Fundraising Event’ that will be held at BDC Studio at 800 Centennial Drive North on February 10th. The event will offer a variety of options for those attending to participate in such as macramé, wine/water glass painting, a silent auction, exclusive merchandise, TeleMiracle Helping Hands, fun exercise options, dance and a chance to chat with the dancers. “Group classes might not be for everyone, but there will be other options available for people to contribute. There may be some people that are unable to contribute during TeleMiracle in March, so this is a great way to donate to this amazing cause and it is right in your very own community,” Dean said. TeleMiracle donation boxes are also on-site at Bravo Dance Co. as well as Soul Power Fitness in Martensville.

Both macramé and the glass painting will take place from 7pm-9pm. From 7pm-7:50pm, Centergy with Tammy Miazga will be available and from 8pm-8:45pm, you can take part in Kettle Bells with Stacey Tillmans. At 9pm-9:30pm, there will be a Ballet Booty and Event Wrap Up. To register for any of the classes offered, visit ‘The Ville Adult Tap Troupe’ on Facebook and click on the provided links. Prices for the classes range in price from $15 – $30 per class with all proceeds going towards the group’s goal of raising $1000 for TeleMiracle. More information about each class can be found on the registration link, or you can message the group via their Facebook page for more details.

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