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Sunnyside Dairy Holds Annual Perogyfest Music Festival

by Jocelyn Ottenbreit

Bas and Martha Froese-Kooijenga, owners of Sunnyside Dairy and Farmyard Market are located just a few miles north of Martensville off highway 12. They provide home-grown, farm-fresh food and milk on tap.

They held their annual Milk and Cookie Day followed by their Perogyfest Music Festival on Saturday, August 5th.
Starting at 10am, this free family fun event started with milk and cookies provided along with Sprinkles the clown, Dan the caricature artist, and a chance to see the cows, calves, rabbits and pigs that were waiting to say hello. Burgers, hot dogs, pop and coffee were available for purchase with live music provided by Gopherbroke.

The Perogyfest Music Festival started with a perogy supper at 5pm. This Mennonite style meal consisted of two options of perogies, Saskatoon berry or potato and cheddar, Schmaunt fat (farmer sausage drippings and heavy cream gravy) over the verenike which are made with Sunnyside cottage cheese, fried onions, cooked Riverbend carrots and peas, and farmer sausage made by Carmen Corner Meats. Dessert included Springside farm Saskatoon/Raspberry platz with whipped cream and a glass of Sunnyside milk.

Everyone was reminded to bring their lawn chairs and pit in for the rest of the evening with the music festival starting at 7pm. The Seahags, Terry Pugh, and the Karpinka Brothers gave a show to remember!

“We want to take a moment to thank everyone who helped to make Perogyfest a huge success. Big thanks to our amazing staff and family who helped us pull this off in spite of a few hiccups here and there! Thank you all. Your help was so much appreciated,” said Froese-Kooijenga.

“Then the outstanding performances and what a treat that was! The Seahags, Terry Pugh, and the Karpinkas all did a phenomenal job, a really well-done show. Thanks to you all! It was a beautiful summer evening and an opportunity for everyone to hook up with family, friends, and neighbours to enjoy some great music and food. It felt as much like a post Covid reunion as it did a festival.”

“Thanks for coming and hope y’all enjoyed it. See you next year!”

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