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Successful Wellness Event at MHS Wraps Up

by Shanine Sealey

Martensville High School (MHS) took some time to focus on themselves as part of their #MHSRoyalsWellness event from February 15 to March 1. This event, organized by the MHS SCC was set up to encourage MHS students and their families to take time to focus on their overall well-being, mental wellness, and physical health.

Those participating in the #MHSRoyalsWellness event were encouraged to snap a photo and share it via social media, or to the school directly. This event was planned as a virtual event to connect people remotely, and inspire them to focus on health, wellness and self-care.

Approximately 40 entries were received throughout the two-week period and showed a wide variety of wellness examples such as physical exercise, making nutritious food and taking time out for rest and relaxation.

Several sponsors contributed to this event and provided prizes for a draw for those who participated in the event. Sponsors and prize winners were:

  • Martensville High School SCC – Grand Prize; Apple Airbuds, won by Hunter Slywka
  • DyMark Industries – $25 gift cards, each won by Brody Nelson, Carika van den Heever, Jessica Warren and Richelle Hanley
  • JusFruit (Saskatoon Attridge Location) – $40 gift card won by Taylor Warren
  • Ayotte Plumbing and Heating – $25 gift card won by Sutter Danychuk
  • Martensville High Entripyshops Clothing, won by Brooklyn Bradford, Malyssa Sader, Josh Wall, Nic Rolles and Shelley Peters Thomas
  • “Thank you to everyone that participated and to all of the sponsors. It was a successful event and was great to see everyone taking some time out to focus on their health and wellness,” MHS Vice Principal Neda Wilson said.

PHOTO CAPTION: MHS Vice Principal Neda Wilson with Nic Rolles and Malyssa Sader.

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