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Stavenow Aims to Not Raise Taxes and Expenses

by Shanine Sealey

Matthew Stavenow moved to Martensville with his wife seven years ago, and it didn’t take them long to fall in love with the community. “My appreciation and involvement continues to grow as my family and I actively participate in various sporting and recreational programs, as well as fundraising for local causes. We also know the importance and value of supporting businesses locally,” Stavenow explained.

This love of the community is what inspired Stavenow to run for City Council this year. “I want to further my involvement in Martensville by bringing a new perspective to the council table and engage in present and future community planning and decision making. My goal is to be an active and positive voice for the people of Martensville,” said Stavenow.

If elected, Stavenow has plans to work alongside his fellow council members with items such as economic development, addressing the lack of housing for seniors, and the continued maintenance and expansion of parks and recreational programs and facilities. Stavenow would also like to see local businesses being promoted and celebrated within the community more.

Stavenow is hopeful, that if he is elected, property taxes will not need to be increased at this time. “In recent months, many individuals and families have had to deal with financial uncertainty. I believe by continuous monitoring of the budget and ensuring we do not go above target this can be accomplished.” In order to accomplish this, Stavenow stated that he would ensure the community is receiving the maximum amount of federal and provincial grants. “I trust that individuals and families should not have to stress about raised expenses in order to continue living in this amazing community,” Stavenow added.

Since being nominated for the Martensville Council election, Stavenow stated that he has spent much time speaking with many individuals, families and business owners to see what they want within the community. “I have listened and heard you. I want to thank you for this opportunity to be your voice on Council by voting for me on Election Day.”

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