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Smoke Alarm Check: Working Alarms Protect Your Family

by Government of Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan residents are encouraged to “look up” and check their smoke alarms.

“Working smoke alarms save lives,” Government Relations Minister Warren Kaeding said. “Since home is the place where fires happen most often, it is vital that smoke alarms are installed in every residence and they are checked every month. They are your first and best protection for you and your family.”

Working smoke alarms should be installed on each level of your home and outside each sleeping area. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on where to place the alarm to ensure best performance and to minimize false alarms. When conducting your check, go to each of the smoke alarms in your home to:
– Determine the age of each alarm: if a smoke alarm is older than 10 years, the alarm needs to be replaced.
– Replace batteries: smoke alarm batteries should be replaced annually and always when the alarm ‘chirps’.
– Test your alarms monthly: post a smoke alarm test checklist in your home to remind you to test each one monthly.

Test each smoke and carbon monoxide alarm in your house following the manufacturer’s instructions. If the alarm doesn’t work when tested, replace it immediately. You should also practice your home fire escape plan with all members of your family during your check. Refer to your plan as you walk through the escape routes for each room. Practicing allows you to ensure all exits are practical and easy to use.

For more information about preparing a home escape plan or about installing and testing smoke alarms, contact your local fire department.

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