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Settlement reached between SGI and bars that served Catherine McKay

by SGI

Judgment also issued against McKay in separate claim

SGI has come to terms on settlements with the operators of two liquor establishments that served Catherine McKay on the night she drove impaired and caused a collision that killed the Van de Vorst family (Jordan, Chanda, Kamryn and Miguire) in January 2016.

SGI has reached out-of-court settlements with the Industrial Kitchen and Lounge Corporation, and MCDE Holdings Ltd. which operated the Crackers Licensed Cocktail & Dining Room.

The terms of the settlement will not be disclosed, as per the agreement.

Information relayed in McKay’s criminal proceedings revealed she had been served alcohol at both establishments, and was observed by staff to be highly intoxicated.

SGI took legal action in July 2017 to hold the two liquor establishments accountable for not doing enough to prevent one of their customers from driving away from their businesses highly impaired, resulting in the needless deaths of four innocent people. SGI intends to consider legal action in similar cases.

In July, SGI also filed a statement of claim against Catherine McKay, who is currently incarcerated. No statement of defence was filed, and the court has issued a judgment against her. This judgment allows SGI to take action to collect the amounts paid out on this claim.

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