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Serving Customers Better With a No Questions Asked Warranty and Much More

by Shanine Sealey

There are numerous things that we see and do on a daily basis and don’t acknowledge just how important they are to our daily lives, to our homes and to our security. Rebeca Johnstone experienced this herself when renovating her home in Coderre, SK. The item that sparked interest for Johnstone was the blinds within her home. “During the renovation I contacted Budget Blinds of Moose Jaw to book a free In-Home Consultation. Budget Blinds came out ten days later. When they arrived, I was impressed with the entire process. That night, I told my husband about my experience with Budget Blinds. I went on to say that I wanted to own it,” Johnstone said. That desire created a passion and Johnstone pursued her dream by contacting the owner of the business one week following the installation of her blinds to see if they were interested in selling. “It took some time, but to my delight, I became the proud owner of Budget Blinds serving South West Saskatchewan.”

Budget Blinds serves Saskatoon and all of Southwest Saskatchewan and since Johnstone purchased the business over ten years ago, she states that the team has placed focus on providing the best customer services and warranty within the industry. As of this year, the Budget Blinds brand has been in business for 25 years and is looking forward to many more years providing service to their customers, which includes FREE In-Home Consultations with no mileage fee. “Our design consultants are professionally trained and our installers are certified to bring you the absolute best in quality and service,” Rebeca added. With a total of fifteen employees, and constantly growing, Johnstone has not looked back since purchasing the business.

In an industry that seems to constantly be evolving, Budget Blinds works hard to ensure they are at the forefront of ground-breaking technology. “A good example of this is smart-home compatible automated window coverings. The possibilities are endless, and we pride ourselves on being the experts in all things custom blinds.” Additionally, with their customers being the most important thing to them, they want to ensure that they provide the best service, products and warranties in the industry, along with competitive pricing that makes sense for each customer’s budget. “We will take care of you from the first phone call and for years after your blinds are installed. That’s our promise to you!”

Consultants are often asked a number of the same questions from their customers, such as;

Why Budget Blinds? – HIGH STYLE. PROFESSIONAL MEASURING. EXPERT SERVICE. Budget Blinds is the largest window covering company in North America, celebrating our 25th anniversary. We are proud to be a locally owned and operated business and have been serving Saskatoon and Area for 10 years. Our consultants bring our showroom to your living room and help take all of the guess work out of purchasing window coverings for your home. Budget Blinds gives you an exclusive combination of design-driven products, expert service, no-surprises pricing, and our NO-QUESTIONSASKED Warranty: the best in the business! Call today to arrange your Free In-Home Consultation with one of our experienced Design Consultants.

What is the Best Blackout Blind? – Depending on your style, there are a few ways to darken your room using blinds! Most styles of blinds have a ‘blackout’ option when liners are added or blackout material is selected. Cellular, or honeycomb shades are our top room-darkening options as they have the smallest deduction and side light gap than any other shade. To achieve the greatest blackout experience, adding blackout drapery panels on either side of the window to block the light will take the room to hotel heights!

What Types Of Blinds Can You Put On A Patio Door? – Have you ever heard of a Panel Track? This is an innovative and beautiful way to cover a patio door. This type of shade has sliding panels that traverse over the wide opening of a
sliding patio door, then stack beautifully to either side when open. Classic roller shades now come in hundreds of prints, patterns, and color choices. These shades make a great option as they roll up out of the way to ensure a clear view and walkway for the patio door. If you are trying to cover a garden door any type of blind can be installed directly on the door itself. With specialized brackets mounted at the bottom of the blind, it will be held in place to move with the door as it opens and closes- no loud banging or moving
around as you come and go from your home.

What Is The Best Blind For Insulation? – Hands down, the Cellular shade. Sometimes referred to as a ‘Honeycomb’ shade due to its pockets or ‘honeycombs’, making it the best recommendation on the market when heat or cold are an issue. The pockets work to trap air, keeping the cold air out in the winter and the hot air out in the summer. Give your furnace and air conditioner a break by adding these shades to your windows.With lots of add-on options including top-down-bottom-up, cordless, and a wide variety of color options, these shades are a fit for the whole house!

What Are Those Blinds You Can See Out But People Can’t See In? – Ahhh, magic fabric! In the world of blinds, that’s known as a Solar Shade. One thing to quickly note about these shades is they give the ‘appearance’ of not being able to see in during the day- but at night the effect reverses! The level to which you can see out during the day with these shades your neighbors can see in at night.While they work wonderfully to reduce heat, glare and UV damage to the interior of your home or business, these shades fall short in the privacy department. These shades are most suited for restaurants, office buildings, cabins, or any window that does not require privacy.

What Can Be Done To Cover An Arch Window? – So glad you asked- this is a common question! There are quite a few options available for any specialty shape you can think of- rake , arch, hexagon, octagon, and more! Our favorite recommendations include Window Film, Solar Shades specially cut to fit, or custom Shutters. The Window Films are graded on SPF and really do act like sunscreen for your windows. Enjoy the natural light along with your view while reducing harsh UV rays. Solar shades offer the same light and view options as the window film while offering a softer fabric feel to the window. Lots of solar shade fabrics can be coordinated with other shade materials to create a cohesive look in your home, or lake house. Shutters are always a classic choice and add architectural interest.

What Is The Warranty On Your Shades? – We are thrilled to offer a fantastic limited lifetime manufacturer warranty with all parts covered for a minimum of 3 years and many parts covered for life! We also have an exclusive NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED warranty. It allows you one FREE replacement per shade for ANY REASON at no cost within the first 5 years (and in some cases, for life!). We like to refer to it as the ‘Pet-Kid-Party’ warranty because we find most of our clients are living in one to two of those stages of life! The best part- it all comes as a perk of doing business with Budget Blinds- with no additional cost to you!

Can You Tell Me About Those ‘Stripy’ Blinds I See In Showhomes? – Those beautiful blinds are called Vision Shades. They are so versatile, allowing you to control light and privacy exactly how you want. Get all the light control of a horizontal blind with the minimal cleaning of a roller shade all in one. These shades always include a beautiful fabric-wrapped cassette valance to finish off the shade. There’s a reason you’re seeing them in show homes – they are the standard in beauty and function.

What Is The Difference Between Faux Wood And Real Wood Blinds? – Our Signature Series Real Wood blinds are made from American hardwood. They offer an added level of insulation and due to their lightweight nature make a great option for covering a large window. We are proud to offer exclusive color options in both paint and stains. Faux Wood blinds are made of a plastic-like material and can be made to have a wood grain look or kept smooth. Faux Wood blinds perform well in high-moisture areas like bathrooms and above the kitchen sink. Easy to clean and low maintenance, they make a great economical whole home option.

Will You Install My Blinds For Me Or Do I Have To Do It Myself? – Of course we will install your blinds for you! We will even show you how to properly use them and care for them. There’s a small fee for this, so if you want to save money you do have the option of doing it yourself, but that’s up to you. We’ve designed our business to be full-service so that you never have to lift a finger from start to finish, and it’s our pleasure to serve you in this way.

For more information on Budget Blinds, visit www.budgetblinds.com/SaskatoonNorth or www. budgetblinds.com/SaskatoonSouth. You can also call (306) 306.242.5706.

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