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Seniors Globe Walk Provides Opportunity for Older Adults to Get More Active During Winter Months

by Shanine Sealey

Since 2015, the City of Martensville has offered the Senior’s Globe Walk within the community. This event takes place from January 1st to April 30th and is aimed at helping get older adults in and around Saskatoon out socializing within their communities and to increase physical activity during the winter months. This is offered through a partnership with Saskatoon Council on Aging Inc. (SCOA), which was created after community consultations showed that older adults had identified the need for more physical activity and social opportunities during the more frigid months of the year.

The Globe Walk is free to participate in for participants 50+ and is designed to be fun and motivational. “There are too many benefits to list by staying active and social, but they dramatically contribute to a healthy lifestyle and a good quality of life,” City of Martensville Recreation Coordinator Jamie McCulloch said.

Each year, a fun new theme is chosen, with this year’s theme being ‘an exploration through the ages showcasing memorable events, dances, music and fitness trends’.

For anyone interested in participating in the Globe Walk, you are required to register, which can be done in-person at the Martensville Athletic Pavilion, or by calling the MAP at (306) 683-5576. It is free to join and once registered, you can walk free at the MAP on Tuesdays from 1pm-2pm until April 26th.

“Participants are asked to keep track of their activity every day and turn in their results at the end of every month,” McCulloch stated. Currently, there is over 50 people registered for the Globe Walk.

All forms of activity can be recorded and submitted. According to the SCOA Globe Walk website, 1300 steps equal one kilometre and a half hour of exercise equals two kilometres, which is the common accepted standard; however, all participants are required to do is record their steps, distance, or time, and the rest will be done for them. All forms of physical activity are eligible such as cleaning house, shoveling, walking, aerobics, etc. SCOA does encourage the use of fitness tracking devices, pedometers or cell phone apps to help track your efforts as well as motivate you to help accomplish your goals.

More information regarding the SCOA Globe Walk can be found by visiting www.scoaglobewalk.net. Upcoming events are also listed, which include a Globe Walk Zoom event, taking place February 3rd at 1pm which will highlight fitness trends through the decades.

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