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Senior Supper Donation

by Cadderly Kingsbury

On January 15th, the residents of Golden Sunset Villa were treated to a meal donated by the Martensville & District Lions Club. They went all out with the meal, which was complete with chicken, fries, buns and more, all from our local A&W. Lions President Geoff Passey said that they chose A&W not only for the delicious food, but also because they’re a business that supports the community.

“We have done this before, at Spruce Manor in Dalmeny, and we thought ‘well, if we’re doing it in there, we might as well do it here for some of the Martensville residents.’ It’s like a Christmas, New Year’s type of meal for the residents and it gives them a little chance to have something instead of having to pay out of pocket for a meal,” Passey said. The food was enjoyed by all, and the Lions hope to make this an annual tradition.

“We’re hoping to make this an annual event, and we’ll be talking and keeping in touch and saying, ‘let’s pick a date.’ Maybe next year we’ll let them pick a menu,” Passey concluded, as home-made desserts were passed around the room.

Remarks such as “delicious,” and “very, very good,” were exclaimed by the ladies, and they will patiently be waiting for the next meal. They would like to say a big thank you to the Lions Club and feel very lucky to have such great members in the community.

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