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Schools Receive Donation for Playground Fund

by Shanine Sealey

Members of the group previously known as The Indoor Playground recently made a donation to the Lake Vista and Ecole lake-vista-playgroundHoly Mary playground funds. The group, who worked to bring a location to Martensville where parents and caregivers could go with children ages 0 to 5 one morning each week. This location provided a place not only for the children to make new friends together, but a place for adults to interact with one another as well.

Indoor Playground decided to shut down in the spring of 2015 after the Martensville Athletic Pavilion was constructed and began offering Toddler Time each day. “It was so similar to our program that we decided we didn’t need two of the same programs, so we donated the toys we had to the MAP for their Toddler Time,” Indoor Playground past President Charlene Herbers explained.

Upon their end, the Indoor Playground had remaining funds in their bank account, which they used to donate to various organizations within the community. The group decided to donate the last remaining amount of $2,216.91 to the playground funds for Lake Vista and Ecole Holy Mary. “The playgrounds at the new schools was the perfect place to donate the remainder of our funds because our playground was for kids. What better place to donate to than another place for kids,” Herbers said.

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