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School’s Out Fun at the MAP

by Jocelyn Ottenbreit

Now that school is out and some youngsters are looking for things to do, the City of Martensville, along with the Sportball Organization, is once again offering a Schools Out for Summer Program.

The Sportball Organization focuses on physical literacy for kids with a specific activity every day such as lacrosse, tennis, volleyball, soccer, basketball and baseball. The City of Martensville is running the school yard games, science fun, and outdoor play.

“Schools Out for the Summer is a program that keeps kids engaged, active, and having fun all summer long. The program is three hours long, either in the morning or afternoon, with a new theme each day,” said Jamie McCulloch, City of Martensville Recreation Program Coordinator II.

McCulloch said that each day has activities and games that are related to a theme. Some of the themes include nature days, sport days like lacrosse and soccer, science fun, and playground games.

These are the events in the upcoming weeks;
*July 20-22-Lacrosse, Basketball, Volleyball
*July 27-29-School Yard Games, Science Fun, Outdoor Play
*Aug 3-5-Hockey, Golf, Football
*Aug 10-12-Soccer, Baseball, Basketball

The program takes place at the MAP three days a week and the cost is $15 a day. You can register on the City of Martensville’s website at https://www.martensville.ca/ under Upcoming Events.

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