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Every Child Matters

On June 4th, staff and students at Ecole Holy Mary came together to honour the 215 Indigenous children whose remains were found in an unmarked grave in Kamloops, BC, at Canada’s largest residential school, by standing silently for 215 seconds. Schools across the country found ways to show their respect for the 215 children.

In addition to taking a moment of silence, students and staff at EHM also wore orange on May 31st. “We ask for strength and courage to continue our work towards reconciliation,” EHM stated via social media.

BELOW: Students wore orange in honour of the 215 Indigenous children that were found in an unmarked grave at one of Canada’s residential schools in Kamloops, BC.

Track and Field at Holy Mary

Students and staff had a fun-filled day for the annual Track and Field event at École Holy Mary Catholic School. Although things were modified slightly to ensure that each activity was COVID-friendly, students were able to participate in high jump, shot put/ball throw, long jump, relay races and the younger classes took part in some fun with bubbles and chalk.

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