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Saskatchewan Cannabis Survey Results Released

by Government of Saskatchewan

The Government of Saskatchewan has released the results of the province’s online cannabis survey.

The government conducted the online survey from September 8 to October 6, 2017, to collect insight from residents to help shape cannabis legalization within Saskatchewan. The online survey received 34,681 responses – the most of any survey the province has previously conducted – indicating that Saskatchewan residents have a lot to say about cannabis legalization in the province. Respondents provided valuable information which is being used to help guide Saskatchewan’s approach to cannabis legalization.

“The Government of Saskatchewan would like to thank residents who participated in the provincial government’s consultation survey and took the time to provide us with their thoughts on how to best legalize and regulate cannabis within Saskatchewan,” Justice Minister and Attorney General Don Morgan said. “The results of the survey are vital in developing the best possible framework.”

The survey included questions about areas which the province has the ability to regulate, such as:
• age limits on cannabis sales;
• public consumption;
• taxation on cannabis sales;
• distribution and wholesaling;
• potential retail models, locations and rules;
• regulatory compliance; and
• the enforcement of modified impaired driving laws.

“The safety of our citizens is of the utmost importance when developing a framework for the legalization of cannabis, and that includes safety on our roads and highways,” Minister Responsible for SGI Joe Hargrave, said. “Marijuana impairs a driver’s judgment, reaction time, motor co-ordination, and ability to make decisions. Survey respondents made it clear they felt drug use and driving should not mix. The information provided through the survey is valuable to assist us in developing a plan to meet public safety expectations.”

The survey results demonstrate the opinions of respondents, and provide insight into the preferences of Saskatchewan residents in regards to cannabis legalization in Saskatchewan.

The province will be releasing its framework document outlining the future of cannabis legalization within Saskatchewan in the near future.

View the complete survey results here: https://issuu.com/martensvillemessenger/docs/cannabis_survey_results


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