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Royals Finish Season Undefeated

by Shanine Sealey

The Martensville Royals high school football team ended a perfect season on Saturday, November 13th after they took on the Delisle Rebels and defeated them 32-22 to win the Provincial Nine-Man High School Football Championship.

According to Royals Coach Tyler Munday, the first half of the game didn’t consist of many highlights for our Royals; however, despite losing Parker Peterson, a senior linebacker to a separated shoulder, and multiple turnovers, the Royals didn’t falter.

“We were able to overcome that adversity and ultimately played our best half of football. We came out in the second half and played a great half of football on both sides,” Munday said.

The grade 12’s stepped up and led the charge to help turn the game around in the second half with Kaden Solomon shining on the defensive side with multiple tackles and an all-star play by coming out of nowhere to stop the opponents QB from scoring on 3rd goal.

Hayden Sametts had an interception in the end zone near the end of the first half to keep the score 22-7, Brody Nelson showcased another four-touchdown performance and Latrell Brown added a two-yard touchdown score.

During half-time, Coach Robertson spoke to the team, reminding them that the entire coaching staff was behind them. “He told them that we, the coaches, believe in them, we have believed in them all year, and nothing has changed,” Munday stated. Robertson also reminded the team that even though Delisle brought some trick plays with different looks to the game, it wasn’t over yet and they were still in it, which ignited a spark within the team as they came out in the second half looking for redemption.

This was the third match-up against the Rebels this season following two regular season games, one on September 24th where the Royals took the win at 42-20 and another on October 15th with the Royals coming out ahead 41-30.

The championship win was that much sweeter as it took place in front of a home-town crowd. “The icing on the cake was to win it at home in front of a great crowd. I still get goosebumps when people congratulate us and ask about the game,” Munday explained. Hundreds of people, cheering for both the Royals and Rebels, were in attendance for the game.

Munday noted that this incredible season was possible due to the contributions of many. “Our parents have been amazing. They have done all the thankless jobs and have been the best cheering section that a team could ask for. Myles Loeffler did all the field maintenance and painted the lines on the field. Teresa Koop-Hunter handled all the administrative duties behind the scenes, so we just had to worry about coaching. I’d also like to thank the staff and student volunteers who helped throughout the year, either score keeping or running the clock, announcing the game, or playing music before and during the game. Thank you as well to Deanne Robertson for her hours of taping players injuries so that they could compete. Thank you to Lee Stevens from Craven’s for being our field physio at each of our home games. A special thanks to Greg Heisler of Mocon Construction for donating his time and machinery to have the field cleared of snow. He did an amazing job, and the field was in great shape for the game. Thank you as well to the volunteer coaches for donating hundreds of hours of their personal time so we could have a season and last but certainly not least, thank you to the players for all their hard work. This season will be one I never forget.”

This seasons Royals team, in no particular order: Keegan Bates-Swain (77), Lattrell Brown (7), Colby Bunnah (35), Mason Cey (64), Sutter Danyuchuk (8), Brody Dyck (69), Austyn Evans (14), Chase Hahn (66), Jackson Heisler (67), Brayden Kennedy (70), Caleb Leier (27), Chase Lepage (25), Noah McGaughey (24), Tytan Mueller (4), Brody Nelson (28), Rex Norman (23), Seth Noram (15), Jaydyn Okell (9), Parker Peterson (12), Dominick Randall (6), Callan Reid (65), Darriern Rempel (72), Cale Robertson (45), Hayden Sametts (56), Ethan Schachtel (75), Tristan Scott (58), Michael Shoemaker (2), Kaden Solomon (16), Toryn Swysten-Bernes (88), Nevin VanDenBussche (68), Alexia Wagner (46) and Shaidon Yuzik (11). Coaching Staff: Craig Robertson (Head Coach), Carter Dyck, Brodey Kliewer, James Mueller, Tyler Munday, Cooper Olson, Cley Sametts. Training Staff: Kaylee Ayotte, Ashley Cey, Andi Johnson, Shelby Shynkaruk. Manager: Teresa Koop-Hunter.

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