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Rescues Band Together to Save Over 100 Dogs

by Shanine Sealey

A village in northwest Saskatchewan recently sent a notice to the community that due to a high number of uncared for dogs in the community, they would be implementing a dog control strategy which would require community involvement.

A notice, shared on social media on January 26th, stated, “These dogs are unfed, unhealthy and have no shelter during cold weather days. We have also been unsuccessful in hiring an Animal Control Officer to help manage this problem.”

This strategy consisted of two-days, January 29th and February 2nd, where community members could surrender dogs from 1pm-5pm and receive a payment of $10 per dog.

On January 29th, shortly after the surrender began, photos began circulating of dogs being thrown over fences, puppies being left in boxes and countless dogs being surrendered for the $10 payment.

After becoming aware of what was taking place, Paws Republic Centre for Pets, From the Streetz Rescue Foundation, and other rescues immediately began to take action to work together to ensure these animals had a chance at life.

Due to this, the second date planned for February 2nd was cancelled, and plans were set in motion to transport the approximately 100 dogs that were surrendered on January 29th.

“We are saving these babies, but we need your help. Thank goodness the Mayor was willing to pause, and let us help save and keep these dogs alive,” From the Streetz Rescue Foundation stated.

With so many animals coming in on such short notice, help is needed in order to provide all of the dogs with the proper care required, which includes items such as crates, collars, leashes, food, toys, beds, pee pads, linens, and cleaning supplies. In addition to this, From the Streetz Rescue Foundation is also looking for financial support to help with gas expense, vet requirements and other supplies that may be needed.

Paws Republic Centre for Pets will be working in partnership with Kabo Homes to help provide shelter and care for the animals temporarily within a separate location.

“From the Streetz Rescue Foundation have offered to go to La Loche monthly to help with the dogs as well, so hopefully that will work out. We also have a rescue from Manitoba ready to help and some volunteers up north that are helping too,” Kristine O’Brien, owner/operator of Paws Republic stated

If you have supplies you are no longer using or would like to donate new supplies, items can be dropped off at Paws Republic located at 323 Centennial Drive South – Bay 6. Monetary donations can be sent via e-transfer to info@pawsrepublic.ca.

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