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Read Automotive Believes in Putting Customers First

by Shanine Sealey

A properly running vehicle to get us from point A to point B is something that we all require. Whether it is used for getting to and from work, running the kids to school or sporting events, or taking us on an adventure, if a vehicle is not running as it should be, it can cause major complication in our lives. Taking care of customers is exactly the reason that Trevor and Christa Read first established their business.

The Read’s purchased their first business in 2002, a three bay shop located in Langham. Trevor had been working at the business with the previous owner in the years prior, and when the option to purchase became available, the couple dove on the opportunity to be business owners, which had been a dream of theirs. “Something that we had always wanted to do was to own our own shop. Things just escalated from there and it took off pretty fast,” Trevor said.

After owning the Langham shop for 13 years, the young couple decided that they needed more of a challenge and decided that it was time to pursue bigger dreams. Having moved to Martensville, and witnessing the growth that the community was seeing, they decided that it would be the perfect location for their next venture. In 2015, they officially took the next step and opened up their current shop within Martensville. “It was Christa who really made this happen. She did all of the legwork leading up to it and finding a location and from there, the rest is history,” Trevor explained. Adding to this, Christa said that the couple “are just ambitious people and it is in their nature to look for a challenge.”

For the first year, the Read’s worked between the two locations until things had established enough within Martensville and then decided that they would lease their Langham business to one of their long term employees and his wife. Trevor and Christa were happy to see another young family getting their start in their industry.

Within their Martensville location, the Reads are happy to provide all service in house and offer a wide range of services for their customers including wheel alignments, lift and lowering kits, tires, maintenance services, tune ups, brakes, suspension, electrical diagnosis and much more.

Believing in community, Read Automotive is proud to support Martensville and surrounding regions by donating to local fundraisers, organizations, teams and more. They are also members of the local Chamber of Commerce. In addition to being a full service facility, Read Automotive has numerous local businesses that perform services in house as an added convenience for their clients, such as glass repair & command starts. ‘anything we can do to help out local businesses and work together is important to us. If you have a business in town we think it is really important to support one another’ Christa saidWith a staff of seven, Trevor and Christa believe in keeping consistent faces among their employees and once a trusted addition is found, they hold onto them. “One of our current staff members has been with us since we had the shop in Langham and started completely green. He has since went through the apprenticeship program and has had his Interprovincial Journeyman papers for the past year and a half. We have a really strong team here and they know our clients,” Trevor said.

Seeing the couple within their shop and working with their customers, it is apparent that their decision to build a larger business within Martensville was the right one for them. The passion that the couple has for their work and their community is evident to anyone that walks in the doors to Read Automotive. “The whole reason we looked at buying a shop was due to the ongoing question of how the clients were being treated and what was being done for them. Everything we have done has been based around our clients,” Trevor added. This is proven through various means such as courtesy cars, rides for customers, rebate programs that are passed on to them and much more. In turn, the Read’s have seen much support from their clients reciprocated. “We are so grateful for all of the support and we are happy to have such a great clientele. It has been a great experience so far and we look forward to continuing on,” Christa said.

For more information on Read Automotive, contact them at (306) 244-4950, visit readautomotive.ca, or find them on Facebook at ‘Read Automotive Ltd – Martensville’.


ABOVE: The staff at Read Automotive. Left to Right – Lyndon Weiss, Ethan Kuzek, Christa Read, Trevor Read and Rob Lesser. Missing Mackenzie Read & Gabe Dyck.


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