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Rampage Coffee Provides Option to Keep You Fueled

by Shanine Sealey

Approximately one year ago, Martensville residents Dustin and Lauren Blanchard decided to take on a new business venture. Dustin, who was already owner/operator of another business, and has many projects on the go, found that within his day to day operations, he was having a hard time keeping himself alert and fueled to maximize his potential. “Being a person that is sort of obsessed with coffee I was looking for a kick that could keep me going as I was dealing with my businesses.” This began the hunt for a coffee that could sustain the amount of energy needed to keep him going throughout the day and that could defeat the 2 o’clock wall that often hits in the afternoon.

Dustin began looking at various coffee brands online and found that the only coffee that had a high level of caffeine and decent quality was overpriced and came from out of country. From there, the lightbulb went off and the next business idea was created. The young couple decided to create their own online based, E-commerce coffee business – Rampage Coffee, where people can order their coffee online, where it gets roasted fresh, and shipped anywhere within Canada and the USA. After deciding to create Rampage Coffee, Dustin got to work and met with a local roaster, who he worked with on three different blends. “We started drinking the new blends and loved them. It was very perky and got me moving. It was smooth, bitterless, great tasting coffee, so we decided to test it on our friends. Everyone loved it, so from there, we launched a Facebook page, created a website and began selling online. It has been a hit and has turned into more than we even imagined,” Blanchard said.

Currently, there are three options available to purchase, which include their C-4 blend – the highest caffeine blend, CODE BLK – a dark roast and RIOT – a medium roast. For those that want to try Rampage Coffee, you can see which blend is your favorite by ordering the Sampler Bundle, which includes all three options. “We wanted to provide something convenient for our customers, so after trying the sampler bundle, if you like it, you can order a full bag or subscribe to receive bags regularly. With just a couple of clicks online, you can have freshly roasted coffee delivered to you.”

Subscription options for coffee include every 7, 14, 30 or 60 days and on your first order, you receive 40% off and 10% off on all remaining subscription orders. “It is all about providing our customers with both convenience and quality.”
Upon first beginning their new venture, Dustin and Lauren were running the operation out of their garage, which they quickly outgrew and moved to commercial space within Saskatoon.

Blanchard added that Rampage Coffee can keep people fueled, no matter what their day consists of. “It helps with day to day activities of work and being a parent, but we also help to fuel athletes. We have a Fueled by Rampage program and currently have quite a few athletes including a moto-cross rider, MMA fighter, Tornado Hunter and more. We believe in helping people stay fueled, pumped and motivated when working on their journey and pursuing their goals.”

As we approach November, many people are beginning to think about Christmas gift ideas for their loved ones and Blanchard noted that they not only have quality coffee, but also gift cards, gift baskets and numerous merchandise options available. You are sure to find something for everyone by visiting https://rampagecoffee.com. “Not only is it a great gift idea, but it can also help keep you fueled through the holidays!”

As a special offer, orders placed using the promo code MARTENMESSFREE at check-out, will receive free shipping off of their purchase.

Visit https://rampagecoffee.com or check them out on social media to learn more about this incredible local company.

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