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Pump Track Construction Begins

by Shanine Sealey

Construction is currently underway for the Martensville Pump Track. Velosolutions, the company in charge of the project began earth work on July 12 and is anticipating completion some time next week. “We don’t have an exact date yet, but it will definitely be soon,” Ted Schaeffer, City of Martensville Director of Recreation & Community Services, said.

The pump track will consist of an asphalt track and artificial turf within the inner area for minimal maintenance requirements and the outer area will be landscaped by the City of Martensville, which will be done at a later date.

Once complete, the track will be open to the public, with plans to hold a grand opening ceremony at a later time.

“This is one of those projects that Council is really excited about and to see this part of the Kinsmen Park Master Plan coming to fruition is something we are all looking forward to. It is an amenity that will really compliment the skate park and hopefully bring out a lot of users to enjoy it,” Schaeffer said.

The Martensville Pump Track was a community-minded project, taking ideas provided by the public through an online engagement opportunity to be incorporated into the design.

Velosolutions has also proven how much community means to them by hiring young workers from Martensville to help them with the earth work. “This has been a very community driven project right from the get-go,” Schaeffer added.

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