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Prepare to See Checkstops This Holiday Season

by Shanine Sealey

This past weekend, Dalmeny Police Service, Saskatoon Police Service Combined Traffic (SPS), RCMP Traffic Services and Corman Park Police Service (CPPS) members, along with assistance from MADD Canada, conducted a check stop on the Dalmeny Access.

During this stop, approximately 175 vehicles were checked, with one driver suspended for cannabis consumption.

Linda and Lou Van de Vorst, the family of Jordan, Chanda, Kamryn, and Miguire Van de Vorst, who were tragically killed by a drunk driver in 2016 by an impaired driver, were on scene for the checkstop.

“Special thanks to Linda and Lou Van de Vorst for attending tonight’s checkstop. Their support and dedication to raise awareness to the impact impaired driving can have on people is inspiring,” Dalmeny Police Service noted via social media.

On December 7th, CPPS teamed up with SPS Officers to conduct a checkstop on Dalmeny Road and Township Road 370-A, west of Saskatoon. CPPS noted that this was one of many checkstops that are planned for this month throughout the lead up to Christmas and New Year’s.

During the checkstop, three drivers; two for cannabis consumption and one for alcohol, saw their vehicles get impounded.

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