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Premier Ball Hockey League Looks to Become a Professional League in Upcoming Years

by Shanine Sealey

The Saskatchewan Premier Ball Hockey League had its inaugural season in 2021 and is currently planning for their third season of action. According to founder and CEO Justin D’Entremont, “The Premier League is a league that uses a pro-style with aspirations of one day turning into an actual professional league where players make a salary playing ball hockey.”

The league has four teams competing within it; however, D’Entremont states that there is plenty of room for growth. “Once we accumulate an influx of high-calibre players, we will expand to probably two more teams,” D’Entremont explained.

Each team consists of approximately 20 players and play six regular season games before the playoffs. “Our games are played over a few “gamedays” and weeknights. A gameday is on a Saturday where each team travels to the same location at the same time and everyone plays two games, for a total of four Premier League games all played consecutively. We have two Saturday gamedays and two Wednesday night gamedays this season,” D’Entremont added.

To participate in the Saskatchewan Premier Ball Hockey League, players can register in hopes of being drafted by one of the four teams. Registration is currently open for any players wanting to sign up and be added to the draft list at https://www.premierleagueballhockey.com/. The player draft will take place in April, and there will be several drop-in games leading up to the draft for new players to come out and show off their skills in front of team General Managers.

To play, all that is required is a helmet, gloves, runners and a stick; and D’Entremont explained that shin pads are highly recommended for competitive levels of play, but are not mandatory. Players are not required to have experience, but since it is a competitive draft league, D’Entremont said that there are drop-in games held as an opportunity for new players to come out and give it a go. The next drop-in game night will be held on Tuesday, February 14th at 7pm in the Lawson Heights Soccer Centre.

Currently, the only thing separating the Saskatchewan Premier Ball Hockey League from being a professional league is that fact that players don’t get paid; however, D’Entremont hopes to change that by finding major sponsorship, finding investors, or by reaching high levels of league success and once that happens, players will be paid and they will become a professional league.

“We are always looking to grow the sport of ball hockey and always looking to improve the Premier League. Sponsors, marketing and business expertise are always welcome and will become necessary for us to take this league to the next level. If anyone wants to get involved in any capacity, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on social media,” D’Entremont stated.

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