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Prairie Sky Chamber Excited About New Gift Card Program

by Shanine Sealey

The Prairie Sky Chamber of Commerce (PSCC) initiated their “Love What’s Local” campaign as a way to bring awareness to consumers on the importance of supporting local, while also empowering businesses by offering opportunities such as their newest program, The Local Gift Card.

Through this program the PSCC will be offering consumers the opportunity to purchase a reloadable gift card that can be utilized at any participating businesses throughout Warman and Martensville.

“The intention of this program is to encourage people to come back into the stores again. There has been a lot of online shopping being done since COVID hit and now we are looking to move into more of a hybrid approach which can include some online, but hopefully see people actually going into these stores within Warman and Martensville,” PSCC Executive Director Debbie Brown explained.

The Local Gift Card comes from a company out of BC and has been used throughout other Chambers with very positive reviews.

According to Brown, for businesses, it is a simple process that consists of four easy steps and all that is required is a POS system. Once a consumer comes in and uses the card, the money will be automatically deposited into their account. For PSCC members, it is a free program and for non-members, the cost is only $149/year to participate. For more information, contact the PSCC at 306-292-7066 or contact@prairieskychamber.ca.

Cards will be available in the near future and will be available through the PSCC to start with. Once the program is officially up and running, participating businesses will be listed on the PSCC website and information will be marketed throughout the two communities.

“This is something we are really excited about and think it will be a great opportunity for people to realize the wide variety of businesses that we have within the region. It is very inclusive to our communities and will hopefully encourage people to shop at home. We think it is a great gift idea for everyone because it can be used for so many different things and it gives us the chance to support our local businesses,” Brown said.

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