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Police Warn of Email Extortion Scam

by guest

The Saskatoon Police Service Economic Crime Unit investigators would like to make the public aware of a scam currently circulating in Saskatchewan.

Numerous complainants have reported to Police that they have received an email from an unknown source claiming that they are in possession of the victim’s personal information and passwords. The suspect claims that they can access the victim’s computer, webcam, social media accounts and contacts. The suspect also claims to be in possession of images and videos of the victim, which were gained through accessing their webcam, while the victim was visiting adult websites. The suspect threatens to publicly share these allegedly captured videos and images of the victim if the suspect does not receive a monetary payment. That payment is requested in the form of Bitcoin currency.

If you are targeted by these fraudsters, you’re encouraged not to open the email, but instead delete it immediately. Do not respond and do not open any links provided in the email. Please report threatening emails or messages like this to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

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