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Original Member of Martensville Fire Department Retires After 40 Years of Service

by Shanine Sealey

At the February 13th City of Martensville Committee of the Whole meeting, Council took a moment to show their gratitude to longstanding Martensville Fire Department member and one of the MFD’s original founders Steve Smith. Smith, who is the last remaining original member of the MFD will be retiring after 40 years of service to Martensville and surrounding areas. In 1977, Smith and a small group of local residents saw a need for a Fire Department within the community and started off with a small garage and one truck. Since that time, the MFD has seen tremendous growth within the community.

After welcoming all in attendance, Mayor Muench spoke about Smith’s presence on the fire department, and thanked him for the 40 years of service he provided. “I know residents of Martensville appreciate that you are there and I know the ones that have had to call on you very much appreciate the professionalism and compassion that you all have in those stressful situations. You have made Martensville a better place and I know you have left a great legacy for the other members in the community,” said Mayor Kent Muench.

Smith then noted about how the population of Martensville was 750 people when his family first moved here before thanking his family for supporting him throughout his 40 years of service. “Things came around and we weren’t just a fire department, we were a community organization. We were there if anyone needed a hand and it was just fantastic. I wish the fire department the best in whatever way they go and I am glad to have been a part of it,” Smith stated.

Martensville Fire Chief Kurtis Dyck then spoke and thanked Smith for his service, commenting that throughout the many years of service, Smith, along with the other original members did much fundraising to continue to build the fire department to what it is today. “It is people like Steve that make this community great and make our department great,” Dyck said.

Numerous members of Smith’s family were in attendance to show their support to the man who helped make Martensville a safer place for all to live.

Thank you Steve for all that you have done for this community. We all appreciate your service.

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