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Odd Job Squad Provides Youth With Opportunity to Gain Skills and Build Confidence

by Shanine Sealey

Five years ago, a staff member (job coach) at Eagles Nest Youth Ranch (ENYR) created an Odd Job Squad that consists of foster youth ages 13-17.

“It is the job coach’s job to find the youth paid off jobs, to introduce the youth to the world of work and to eventually work with the youth to the point where they are able to find a job on their own using the skills that they have obtained while working with the Eagle’s Nest work crew,” Kayla, ENYR Work Crew Coordinator, explained.

Eagle’s Nest provides temporary support for youth that are lacking alternative family supports. Through the ENYR Odd Job Squad, youth learn new skills and gain confidence by working on a variety of odd jobs.

“The youth are very eager to help others with their odd jobs and ask me every day if there is a job, or where I will be taking them next,” Kayla added.

Jobs consist of a variety of options from snow removal, yard cleaning, yard maintenance, pet waste removal, grocery pick-up & delivery, house cleaning, dump runs, dog walking and more.

Once a customer contacts Kayla, they are booked in at the earliest convenience and then the youth is taken to the job in groups of one, two or three, depending on the size of the job. Customers are charged $15/hour per youth and Kayla is on site to assist the youth with their jobs. Once completed customers can pay by e-transfer or cash.

“The youth benefit from the work crew because completing odd jobs gives them a sense of responsibility and satisfaction. The youth are learning skills that can be contributed to potential jobs/careers they could work in as adults.”

Additionally, the youth learn about money management, teamwork, as well as customer service when dealing with clients.

For more information, contact Kayla at (306) 381-5025, or visit the ‘ENYR Odd Job Squad on Facebook.

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