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Newly Formed Kinette Club Gaining Momentum in Martensville

by Shanine Sealey

The Martensville & District Kinsmen Club has been a part of the community for the past 30 years and has raised $1 million dollars during that time. Recently, it was announced that Martensville would now be home to our very own Kinettes Club, which follows the Kin Canada motto of ‘serving the communities greatest needs’. “Our plan is to volunteer our time within the community, as well as raise funds for numerous causes. Not only are we a service club, but we will also be having some great fellowship within the club,” President Jodi Martens said.

In the past, a Kinette group was formed within Martensville; however, the group was disbanded in 2005. “Now that the community has grown so much, we are very excited to start up another club. As the city grows, the need for a service club has grown,” Martens added. The Martensville & District Kinette Club came together earlier this year thanks to the efforts of Martens and two other women that felt the community could benefit from the group. Martens, who recently moved to Martensville, was already a member of the Saskatoon and District Kinettes, and seeing how successful the local Kinsmen Club was doing, decided to put out some feelers to see if there was interest. “The response we had was amazing. I spoke with Arnie Deschner, the President of the Martensville & District Kinsmen Club and he spoke to his club, who were more than willing to sponsor our club.” Since inception, the Kinettes have had three meetings and have already come up with exciting new ideas for the community, and according to Martens, approximately 30 women have shown interest in the group. With sponsorship from the Kinsmen, the Kinettes have been utilizing their meeting room, and have had members of the Kinsmen Club attending meetings. In addition, they have also had great support from the Saskatoon and District Kinettes, as well as other clubs from across the province.

The current executive for the Martensville & District Kinette Club is; Jodi Martens – President, Tracy Shaw – Vice President, Melanie Bell – Treasurer and Amanda Rewerts – Secretary.

Currently, both the local Kinsmen and Kinette groups are collaborating together to host a comedy event on May 31st at the North Ridge Community Centre in Martensville. The event will feature five comedians, a pulled pork meal and lots of fun. Tickets are available for $20 through any of the Kin Club members and those interested in attending are reminded to purchase tickets early, as the event was a sell out last year. “Both of the clubs are looking forward to working together on this project and many more to come,” stated Martens. Other events that the Martensville Kinette Club is looking at doing include a food drive and possibly participating in the Buster Days Parade, which will take place June 1st.

For anyone interested in joining the service group, or for more information, contact martensvillekinettes@gmail.com, call Jodi at (306) 361-9575, or message the group on Facebook under ‘Martensville & District Kinette Club’.

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