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New Landscaping Business in Martensville

by Jocelyn Ottenbreit

Now that Spring has finally arrived, everyone is anxious to get outside and start working in their yards. Whether you are looking to landscape your entire yard, add new features to your existing yard, or looking for inspiration on what plant selections complement each other, Scape FX Landscape Designs can help with all your landscaping needs.

Dynette Schutz from Martensville has always enjoyed gardening and spending time outdoors and after working in a corporate atmosphere for many years, decided it was time for a career change and invest in her true passion of landscaping, which inspired her to start a new landscape design venture.

Having had the opportunity to design several of her own yards from ground zero, Schutz has designed everything from simple rectangular yards to large, sloped, complex, multi-level landscapes requiring retaining walls and proper drainage.

“When designing my own yards, it was always a challenge trying to envision how the landscape would look when completed; where to place trees, shrubs and plants, placement of other features such as hot tubs, pergolas, storage sheds, water features, considering future plant growth, and changes required to accommodate my family’s needs.”

“Most of us struggle to envision how landscapes will look once construction is complete just by looking at an initial hand sketched drawing. I felt there was a need to take landscape design to a higher level since typical landscape designs are designed in 2D and are often challenging to read and interpret. After researching various landscape programs, I discovered many benefits of viewing landscape designs in 3D/virtually and decided this would be a great way to help people with decision making when planning their landscape designs. I want to assist others so they can see the potential their own property space has to enjoy with friends and family,” said Schutz.

Schutz stated that some of the benefits of investing in professional landscape designs are;

  • Having a scaled and detailed landscape design will help you envision your outdoor space before construction begins, saving you valuable time and money for both you and your contractor.
  • Personal and unique designs can be generated to suit you and your family’s needs while staying within budget.
  • Investing in professional landscape designs can beautify and increase the value of your property when selling your home.
  • Landscape design saves you unnecessary heavy lifting as it’s more efficient and less costly to move trees/plants and landscape features around on a computer program rather than doing the labour-intensive work to find out it may not really be what you envisioned.

Scape FX Landscaping Designs offers Residential and Commercial Landscape Design Services before you build, basic “2D” blueprint view design, detailed “2D” view including plant placement and plant legends with common and botanical plant names, “3D” Imaging to bring true-to-life visualization to your landscape, and the most popular, virtual tours, provides a virtual walk-thru tour and birds eye view of your landscape.

Some other services include, lighting options which brings a new concept to beautifying and enhancing your landscape features, outdoor décor, coaching/inspiration, potted container designs for sunny and shaded areas, and will also provide reputable contractor and supplier recommendations.

The landscape program has endless options that can be included in your design from driveways to outdoor kitchens, hot tubs, ponds, play structures, pergolas, retaining walls, stairs, and so much more.

Schutz offers free consultations, and you can submit a form on her website. You will then receive a confirmation email to book a convenient time to meet and discuss your goals. Several different design layouts will be provided and once a layout is chosen and drafted, plants will be placed strategically to complement each other with specific space as well as zones based on Saskatchewan’s climate. When the plan is complete, a reputable resource will be provided to hire a professional landscaper, or you can choose to do it yourself. She is also offering 20% off any 2D or 3D landscape designs until July 31, 2023.

For more information go to www.scapefx.ca, Instragram @scapefx_designs, and Facebook at ScapeFX Landscape Designs. You can also call 306-230-4100, or email scapefx@sasktel.net.

ABOVE: 3D design

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