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Much to Offer at the Martensville Information & Visitor Centre

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Photo of Jasmine Petit, Community Resource Developer

The Martensville Information and Visitor Centre (MIVC) is a non-profit community service agency in Martensville. Located in the Civic Centre on the corner of Centennial and Main Street, the office has plenty to offer. Some things the Centre provides include job postings, rental posting, daycare lists, casual babysitter lists, volunteer opportunities, a large display of business cards and brochures for local businesses, information about our community including local events, attractions, programs, education opportunities close to home and across the province and much more. The MIVC also provides a wide variety of services to the community. Staff members and volunteers are available to help teach new technology users how to keep up with the newest pieces of technology, and they offer an “Ah-Ha! Homework Club” September through May to help students with school work. The largest event the Centre puts on is the annual Canada Day celebration. Every July 1st the MIVC celebrates Canada by creating a completely free event for families to attend. The celebration is held at the North Ridge Centennial Community Centre and includes a Morning Coffee Break, all day Art Show, Community History Showcase, indoor and outdoor games, bouncy castles, live entertainment, the Canada Day cake and ice cream, a concession and barbecue, door prizes, an outdoor movie theatre, fireworks and so much more.

Playing a key role in the community of Martensville, the Centre has found that when volunteer opportunities such as the Canada Day event are easy to find, there is more interest from the community to help. To enable easy access to these opportunities, the Martensville Information and Visitor Centre is creating a Volunteerism Directory that acts as a resource available to the community. In the Directory, each volunteer opportunity available in or near Martensville will be listed with potential tasks, dates, skills needed, and contact information under the opportunity. In making this resource, volunteer opportunities will become easier to find for people of all ages, male or female, and will also help to accommodate different interests and skills. The Martensville Information and Visitor Centre would also like to address their love for when families get involved together! Life can become very busy and the MIVC has had parents bring their children along while volunteering at different events which is encouraged. Not only does this help the community, but it also helps the children who are witnessing a role model set a good example in which they will certainly learn from. Another thing to keep in mind is that you do not have to donate endless hours of your time in order to volunteer. An hour or two can help make a huge difference and is always greatly appreciated. If you have a business, club, committee or other type of group here in Martensville that would benefit from this resource, please email martensvilleinfocentre@sasktel.net and include basic information about your business/group, the volunteer opportunities available throughout the year, possible tasks, dates, and contact info. For clubs who are solely made up of volunteers, we would still love to include you in the resource binder. The MIVC would include information about your group along with the contact information where members can easily contact you to join your team.
The MIVC also keeps a list of potential volunteers. If you would like to become a part of the volunteer email list and get updates about volunteer events happening at the MIVC and the community, you can join our email list at http://martensvilleinfo.ca/volunteers/subscribe/. The Centre is also welcome to any suggestions or tips that would enhance this resource. If you have any thoughts or comments to add, please do not hesitate sending them to the email martensvilleinfocentre@sasktel.net or calling the Centre at (306) 242-0362.

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Jasmine Petit, the Information & Visitor Centre Community Resource Developer, has been working hard on the resource binder at the MIVC. (Submitted)

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