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MLA Report With Nancy Heppner

by Nancy Hepner
Saskatchewan flag

It is important to respond to a question that comes up every so often in Saskatchewan. You have likely heard someone, somewhere ask “where did the money go?” The answer is simple and it’s worth repeating. It was invested in what matters to Saskatchewan people – debt repayment, tax relief, infrastructure improvements, better care and a brighter future. The operating debt of the province of Saskatchewan has been reduced by over $1 billion. This has resulted in $1 billion in interest payment savings. Tax reductions have saved residents nearly $6 billion and over 112,000 low income individuals in Saskatchewan no longer pay any provincial income tax. Nearly $20 billion has been invested in infrastructure.

12,000 kms of road has been repaired and rebuilt across the province. There are 15 new long-term care homes in Saskatchewan with new hospitals for Moose Jaw and North Battleford. And finally, a Saskatchewan Children’s Hospital in Saskatoon. The money went to 40 new or replacement schools in growing communities with repairs and renovations occurring at more than half of all schools in the province. The money went to pay for 800 new teaching positions, 750 more doctors and more than 3,000 additional nurses of every designation. It went to doubling funding for the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency and toward a surgical wait time initiative that has taken our wait times from the longest in the country to among the shortest. The money was used to double funding for people with disabilities, triple the funding for child and family programs, and to add 6,000 new child care spaces.

The money went to our kids and future leaders by doubling funding for K-12 education and investing nearly $8.3 billion in post-secondary education. Record investments in health care, education, innovation and infrastructure have brought Saskatchewan back to a position of strength. And they will keep us strong into the future.

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