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MHS Prepares to Portray Classic Story of ‘Little Women’

by Cadderly Kingsbury

Martensville High School (MHS) has put together an ambitious, yet classically wonderful play. This year, a female-dominated crew is performing the much-known novel Little Women, directed by Micah Robinson. The novel takes place during the Civil War and follows four sisters on their journey of growing up. When they lose their fortune and their father leaves to fight, the girls rely on one another to help them through the struggles of sickness, poverty, love and death.

Robinson says that “good theater is good people”, and that this year, there’s a positive, passionate, excited group of students that really bring this play to life. These talented, young performers continuously work long, hard hours in order to make this play successful. “They’re people that continue to tighten the screws on something, until the date of the performance, and not just say, ‘I think this is good enough,’ then stop. I like it when you keep raising the bar for yourself and these people are doing that,” Robinson explained. He believes that the cast members are skilled beyond their years, and are able to not only portray a character, but really become them. Robinson continued to describe the actors and actresses as “tremendously hardworking individuals that are passionate and want to better their craft.”

Robinson states that he sees the characters in each of the students, and that’s what drove him to choose to do this play. “There’s always a short list, and based on the auditions, we choose which play to put on. This year, there were lots of females and it was an obvious decision. They absolutely connect with their characters. I think everybody has experienced triumphs and losses in their life, and these characters in the play do that, so you can look at your own experiences in life and even if they’re not the same, you connect.”

The play, that Robinson calls a “timeless classic” has been in the works since September, and everyone on and off set has put in countless hours in order to make this possible. In addition to the wonderful actors that dedicate their time, Robinson noted that none of this would be possible without the help of everyone behind the scenes that has worked on creating the set and preparing costumes. “I am most proud of the work that’s been done, not only by actors to get ready, but by my Theater Arts crew that’s built a beautiful set and Della Muench, who has done a great deal of sewing, along with her Home Economics crew,” Micah said. Additional credit was given to Bev Zunti, who has already done an incredible amount of sewing and will be volunteering more of her time for final touches as opening night nears closer. Robinson wanted to send out an enormous thank you to all of the students, parents, EA’s, teachers and friends that have contributed, and who have helped make this play possible.

‘Little Women’ will be taking place January 31st and February 1st & 2nd at 7:00pm each night. Tickets will be available at the Martensville High School Main Office on January 7th and can be reserved by calling (306) 931-2230. The evening shows feature dessert and what is sure to be a fantastic experience for all.

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