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MHS Hosts Student Auction for Broncos

by Shanine Sealey

Multiple students in Leadership classes at Martensville High School wanted to do something to help contribute to those affected by the tragic accident that involved the Humboldt Broncos bus on FriMHS-Auction-2day, April 6th.

To help raise money for the cause, they decided to host a Student Auction on Wednesday, April 18th. The auction included nine hockey players from the Martensville High School Royals team; Austin Whitrow, Scott Kozak, Nate Daku, Colten Adair, Dawson Strunk, Dylan Sochaski, Travis Nicholson, Zach Riemer and Quinn MacDonald. Everyone in the school had the chance to bid on the players, with the highest bidder winning. Students and teachers alike were raising their hands to overbid one another and have the chance to win one of the generous hockey players that were up for auction.

Those that won the bids will then have that hockey player become their “assistant” for the day on Thursday, April 19th. They can have players carry books, take notes, fetch them lunch, etc. Hockey players are unable to drive winners around during school hours, cannot take tests or complete assignments for winners.

Prior to the auction, each of the nine young men were featured in a YouTube video showcasing their various “attributes”. This video can be viewed on YouTube under ‘MHS Student Auction 2018’.

All proceeds raised through this event will go towards the Humboldt Broncos organization, and other organizations that were involved in the accident.


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