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A Message From Maddogs President Janine Hayward

by Janine Hayward

It is hard to believe that the Maddogs are in their 15th year. It was a small group of parents and friends that were a driving force to make youth football a reality in Martensville and area. I had help from people like Jason Young, Jack Kobussen, Darren Hayward, Monica Tomchuk, David Yee, Karen DeCorby and support from the Town as well as many other volunteers I may have missed. Without these people and their dedication this reality would not have happened. It has been such a privilege to be involved with the Maddogs over these years and to see how far it has come because of the dedication and passion for the program from so many. I’m so thankful to have been involved with the many players, parents, coaches and fans who have all become my Maddog family.

This has been a challenging year for our Maddogs, coaches, and parents with the effects of COVID. You have all stepped up to make football safe this year and although it was difficult, we got football running this season. Our numbers were low because with going to 6 a side, we had to split the teams. Despite those numbers, our coaches were able to put a team on the field every week and make it work.

We had a wonderful coaching staff for all four teams. Special thanks to Head Coaches Som Houmphanh, Brian Cook, Grant Currie and Devin Hind and their staff. Your many countless hours are very much appreciated. You taught many valuable lessons to all of the players. It was a challenging year for coaching and you all made it work. We’d also like to recognize Devin Hind and all the work he did with the flag program to get it up and running.

I’d like to take this opportunity to also say thank-you to Alyshia Hind and Kristin Kohli for all they did as managers to keep four teams running this season. They put in many hours supporting the Maddog program. In saying this, I would also like to wish all of our graduates good luck in their future football careers.

Thank-you to all of the executive, parents, and players for all of your work in making this such a great football organization. There are so many dedicated people from so many communities that come together and we are proud to call ourselves Maddogs. You should be proud to promote football to so many youths.

I’d just like to close by announcing that I am stepping down this year as president. It has been an exciting 15 years and I will always have Maddogs in my heart. I love this organization and am proud of what the Maddogs have accomplished as a group.

We have brought football to hundreds of youths in this northern area because of all the countless volunteers. I love the game of football and I love the Maddogs.

Good luck in years to come. Keep football alive in this area. GO MADDOGS!

Janine Hayward Maddog President

PHOTO CAPTION:  The first Maddog team started as a flag team before becoming a PeeWee tackle team one year later.

Thank you Janine Hayward for all your years of hard work to bring football to the community of Martensville and your devotion to the Martensville Maddogs!

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