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MCRP Staying Vigilant Through COVID Pandemic

by Shanine Sealey

The Martensville Community Recreation Project (MCRP) is a group of local volunteers that created a registered charity that, through numerous fundraisers throughout the year, helps bring the City of Martensville closer to the end goal of constructing a multi-purpose recreation facility in the community.
Some of the fundraisers that the MCRP hosts each year include the Fall 3 on 3 Hockey Tournament, Cabaret and Dance, NHL Playoff Draft, TUFF Run, Party on the Pond and more.

Since inception, the MCRP, along with the efforts of community volunteers have raised $2.8 million. “We believe we can raise more funds over the next few months from donations, sponsorships and in-kind contributions. We feel that the events we run not only bring in funds for the new facility but have also built a sense of community and pride in our city. We will continue to offer these events after the completion of the rink,” MCRP Chairperson Jesse Reis said.

Currently, there is a group hard at work planning Party on the Pond, which will be an outdoor hockey tournament that takes place on ice surfaces within the community. The first Party on the Pond was held in 2020 and the two-day 19+ event included the tournament, beer gardens, along with Friday and Saturday night events which included supper. The group planning this event is not part of the MCRP; however, all proceeds are donated to the group and numerous MCRP members, along with many other volunteers for the event.

The past year and a half has been difficult for the MCRP as they have been forced to cancel numerous events and donations have been less consistent as people and businesses have uncertainty. Because of this, the group got creative and looked for other ways to raise money which included a house build, which saw both material and labour donated by many local businesses and the proceeds from the sale of the home go towards supporting the MCRP.

“There have also been some major contributions during the pandemic from those who see the potential of what this facility can and will bring to the community and region. We’re still in conversations with organizations for donations so if anyone is interested, please contact the MCRP,” Reis said.

For anyone looking to get involved, contact the MCRP at info@mcrp.ca or visit www.mcrp.ca for more information. “We are always looking for new members. You can help with fundraising, making introductions or connections, or other areas,” Reis added. Watch for more announcements from the MCRP this spring!

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