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Martensville’s Newest Retail Store Provides Wide Variety of Options

by Shanine Sealey

Martensville has seen a number of new businesses open throughout the years; however, one type of business that the community was lacking was a casual clothing store. Cole Flath took it upon himself to change that.

Alpyne Apparel is currently in their fourth week of operation at their new location at 800 Centennial Drive North. The business had been utilizing that space for the past two years as a warehouse facility, but as the need for more product grew, the space required to house the product grew as well. “When things first started, I was using my home as a storage space, which I outgrew quickly. I then moved into this location and had a small area which kept growing, so I decided to make a store out of it and combine the best of both worlds. I have always wanted to open a store front, and now that it is a reality, it is pretty exciting,” Flath stated. The new storefront has proven to be quite popular with local residents, with Flath noting that things pick up in the evenings and on weekends quite a bit.

The idea for this business began with a much smaller expectation. Flath had purchased his first home and began a small T-shirt business that he could use to write off some of the in-home bills. From there, things grew quickly and currently, Alpyne Apparel product is being sold out of 300 stores throughout Canada, as well as 40 Lids retail locations in the country.

Flath’s love of the mountains, where he visits frequently to take part in snowmobile adventures, was where the idea behind the business was born. “I never expected this to become what it has, but I am really happy with where things are. It was a great opportunity to open an outdoor clothing store in Martensville and fill that gap in the community.”

Walking into the store, you are immediately welcomed into a warm, bright location with a wide array of clothing options for everyone. Flath explained that they were previously focused on more of a uni-sex line of products; however, they are starting to bring in more women specific items. There is also a plan to bring approximately 3 to 4 more brands into the store prior to Christmas. For customers that are interested in seeing a specific brand being offered at Alpyne Apparel, there is a suggestion box available in-store. “We take a good look at all of the requests we receive and if it is an option, we will definitely look at bringing it into the store to carry.”

Flath was proud to recently announce that Alpyne Apparel became the exclusive Traeger grills and products dealer in Martensville. “This has been a really popular addition to the store. A lot of people are really happy to have this available to them within the community.”

Not only does Alpyne Apparel have a wide variety of clothing available, but they also do custom clothing orders for businesses, sports teams, groups and individuals. Providing options such as vinyl printing, screen printing, embroidery, twill work, patches and more, Flath explained that they are able to offer their customers a great quality item at an affordable rate. “Because we order so much through the business, we can offer our customers a really good price on custom clothing, so they can get a really great product at a really great price,” said Flath. Samples of available items can be found in store. Currently, they have their printing done out of Saskatoon; however, now that the new storefront is in place, it is only a matter of time before they will be doing their own printing in-house.

The Alpyne Apparel storefront location is open Monday to Friday from 10am-6pm, Thursday from 10am-9pm and Saturday from 12pm-5pm. You can also peruse their available products at https://alpyneapparel.ca and gift cards are available at the store location, or online. For more information, contact the storefront at (306) 717-0471, email info@aplyneapparel.com or follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

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