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Martensville’s Local Government Election Call For Nominations Begins September 22nd

by Shanine Sealey

Now that September is officially here, Martensville’s 2020 local government election is fast approaching. Election Day will be taking place on Monday, November 9, where a mayor and 6 councillors will be elected for a four-year term.

Call for Nominations will begin on September 22nd, with Nomination Day taking place October 7th. Those interested in running are required to fill out a nomination form, which will be available online, or at Martensville City Hall as of September 22nd. In addition to the nomination form, they are also required to include five resident’s signatures of support and a public disclosure statement.

Due to COVID-19 precautions, the City of Martensville has been working on safety precautions, as well as a new option for voters – a mail in ballot. “Council passed a mail-in ballot bylaw, which is something that we have not done in the past. Typically, something like this is available for people that will be out of town, or aren’t able to vote during the advanced polls or regular Election Day, but this is an option that is open to anyone this year,” City Clerk Carla Budnick explained.

To utilize the mail-in ballot, voters are required to apply at City Hall, online or via email and make a request. Once nominees are finalized and ballots are ready, they will be sent to those that registered for a mail-in ballot. Ballots are required to be returned by Election Day on November 9th before 8pm. “We are happy that this is an additional option we can provide residents,” Budnick added.

Once again, the Prairie Sky Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a Candidate’s Forum, where residents can learn more about the nominees. This will be taking place virtually on Thursday, October 15th. More information will be provided on this in future issues of the Martensville Messenger.

Budnick also noted that they are seeking individuals to work at the election in various areas including; poll clerks, deputy returning officers, assisting the public and more. Anyone interested can contact her at (306) 931-2166.

Budnick added that there are still some things that are being worked out, such as how they will be setting up the polls, if they will limit how many people are in at a time, one-use pencils, screens for workers, etc. “It has definitely been a little more challenging to plan everything, but it will all work out.”

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