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Martensville’s A & W Hosts Annual Show and Shine This Weekend

by Shanine Sealey

Martensville A&W is celebrating their 20th year in business and this weekend they are looking forward to once again hosting their annual Show and Shine event, along with the Martensville A&W Valley Street Stock 100 Race at the Wyant Group Raceway.

This popular event began when Brian Buffin of the local A&W received a call from Mary Peters, who was with the Road Huggers, asking about hosting a small car show in the A&W parking lot. Things started off small, and after a few years, the Road Huggers were renamed to the Valley Cruzers, which they are still called today.

Quickly gaining in popularity, it didn’t take long for the car show to grow in size to the point that the drive thru at the A&W was closed down with cars angle parked through it. For the past 15 years, a section of Centennial Drive North has been utilized to fit the hundreds of cars that turn-out for the event.

In recent years, the car show has brought out approximately 200 cars, and Rachelle Buffin, owner/operator of the Martensville A&W, expects this year to be no different. “We have been getting a lot of calls from people asking about it, so we are expecting a good turnout,” Buffin said.

The Show and Shine will run from 11am-3pm followed by the Martensville A&W Valley Street Stock 100 race at Wyant Group Raceway.

“This event is our favorite day of the year filled with hundreds of beautiful classic cars, great rootbeer, hundreds of smiling kids, balloons, lollipops and a lot of fun. It is truly a great time,” Buffin added.

The Martensville & District Lions Club teamed up for this event approximately ten years ago, and according to Buffin, have been a huge help. “The Lions Club have helped this event grow into what it is today and we are so grateful for all of the hard work they put into it.”

During the car show, a section of Centennial Drive North will be limited to two lanes, and Dillon Shewchuk, City of Martensville Community Economic Development Manager, asked that motorists proceed more cautiously and take care when driving.

“There won’t be any restrictions in place when it comes to entering and exiting businesses, we just ask that everyone be courteous,” Shewchuk said.

Because this is an outdoor event, masks are not required, but optional, and Shewchuk noted that people just be mindful of their distancing as COVID is still a reality.

“This is a popular event in the community and a chance for people to get outside and have some fun. It is something positive to do and we are looking forward to it,” Shewchuk added.

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