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Martensville Schools Come Together to Host Cross Country Meet

by Shanine Sealey

On Wednesday, October 2nd Martensville was taken over by approximately 700 students from Prairie Spirit School Division (PSSD). A total of 38 schools participated in a cross country meet that was hosted in collaboration between Venture Heights Elementary School (VHS), Valley Manor Elementary School (VMS), Lake Vista Elementary School (LVS) and Martensville High School (MHS).

For the past two years, the three Martensville elementary schools collaborated on organizing their own Invitational Cross Country meet, which, according to VHS Principal Ron Biberdorf, helped to work out many of the nuts and bolts. Each school had a different responsibility, with VHS taking care of the start-up organization with getting entries, advertising the meet and preparing the track; VMS took care of managing the track, finding volunteers and running the finish line, and LVS was in charge of timing, scoring, medals and ribbons. This year, the schools were asked to run the PSSD District Cross Country meet, which means that students that competed were able to qualify for provincials, which MHS will be handling.

“This meet was an excellent way for all four schools to work together collaboratively for one big purpose. Not only did the schools themselves work together, but the School Community Councils also collaborated together to run the concession,” Biberdorf said.

Many people’s contributions helped make this event a success including Constable Sean Nave of the RCMP, Bruce Romanow who was on scene as a Medical First Aid if needed, members of the Martensville & District Kinette Club, SCC Volunteers, City of Martensville employees, and others. Biberdorf noted that Marianne Rempel, who was a former Office Manager at VHS, was the driving force behind the incredible route that was created for the athletes to use. “She put in many hours creating the ‘Rempel Route’ and we could not have done this without her.”

With events like these, hosting communities typically hold the event for three years, so for the next two years, the schools will come together once again in collaboration. “An event like this is a great shining star for Martensville. It brings many people out and people are really impressed with that field and what the community has to offer,” added Biberdorf.
Congratulations to all of the athletes that competed in the Prairie Spirit School Division District Cross Country Meet.

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