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Martensville Resident Prepares for Debut of ‘Monday Night’ Play

by Shanine Sealey

Martensville resident Todd Devonshire has been hard at work preparing for the debut of his play ‘Monday Night’, which will take place January 10-13 and January 17-20 at The Refinery, located at 609 Dufferin Avenue in Saskatoon. Devonshire was chosen by Live Five Independent Theatre for a spot that is reserved each year for up and coming Saskatchewan playwrights.
Having always had a love for music and sports, ‘Monday Night’ combines Devonshire’s passion for both. The play features the night that music legend John Lennon was killed and the announcement of his death was made during Monday Night Football.

The play will feature nine characters and three intertwining stories about a reporter that was at the hospital that night, musicians that emulate The Beatles and about Howard Cosell and Frank Gifford; the Monday Night Football announcers who shared the news with millions of viewers. “Music and sports for me are the one-two punch, which is what really attracted me to this piece. You have these two worlds of football and music colliding for one of the most dramatic moments in our history,” Devonshire explained.

Not only does the play include a winning combination of sports and music, there is also an element of history as the play takes place in 1980, where compared to nowadays, the speed in which information was made available took much longer.
“That night we lost something powerful. I wanted to do a historical piece that shows that one person can really change the world and when we lose hope of that, we all lose. I think what I really want people to come away with, is that no matter how insignificant you might seem, or how small one action may seem, one person can really change the world and Lennon did that for millions,” said Devonshire.

For more information, or to purchase tickets, visit www.livefive.ca.

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