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Martensville Resident Offers Respite Care Services

by Shanine Sealey

Martensville resident Wanda Aamodt is utilizing her 28 years of experience in the health care industry in order to provide a unique option for Martensville and area residents. The main level of Aamodt’s home has been transformed into a comfortable, convenient place for adults to receive respite care. Respite Care Services can accommodate up to 4 individuals that require care and provides a safe home environment for clients to receive 24/7 care.

There are two bedrooms available; the Elvis room, which contains two twin beds and a full bathroom across the hall complete with toilet arm bars and a chair lift; and the Paris room, with one double bed and a private washroom. “People with dementia can sometimes have issues with remembering, so we wanted to provide a recognizable space for them,” Aamodt explained about the creative themes in each bedroom. There is also an additional bedroom in the basement for family members to stay and have their own private space. Each bedroom has a monitor that can be used to contact Aamodt for any care that is required.

It is a family business with Aamodt’s husband, daughters and niece coming on board to ensure that clients receive the best care possible. Those working at Respite Care Services will be required to have their CPR/First Aid requirements, as well as Level 1 for food safety.

Aamodt’s idea behind Respite Care Services was to be able to provide a level of personal, individualized care that can best benefit the client. There is a wide variety of reasons why someone may need to utilize this kind of service. In a case where one spouse suffers from a stroke and requires consistent care, but the other spouse needs to do running around, they can drop off their spouse to be cared for while they get all of their errands done, knowing they are in a safe environment. Also, if a family member requires care throughout the night and their loved one needs to rest, bring them in for a night to receive the care they need, and sleep easy knowing they are being taken care of. In cases where a family is coming in from out of town for medical appointments and requires a place to stay, their loved one can recover following a procedure that requires care. For a small fee, transportation to the appointments can also be arranged. Respite Care Services can provide care in instances where a family goes on vacation and their senior parent is unable to go, or if a hospital patient is heading home, but there are renovations required and they need somewhere to stay and be cared for until the job is complete.

“Some people don’t have family that can help them out. If they are recovering from something, they can come stay here and be looked after. We will pick them up, bring them here and take care of them until they no longer need it,” said Aamodt. Throughout her experience in health care Aamodt has realized that it can be diffi cult for patients to transition home after a lengthy stay in the hospital, which is something she provides help doing by taking clients on outings and reintroducing them back into a routine. “I really feel that it is about individual care and getting to know the patients and fi nding out what works best for them. It is learning who a patient is and accommodating their individual needs,” Aamodt added.

Those staying with Respite Care Services need to note that the home has two cats, no mechanical lift and 6 stairs to get into the living area. There is also someone there 24/7, which means that clients know that they will receive consistent care as needed, as well as three meals each day, snacks as needed and a 24/7 coffee/tea bar. During summer months, clients can enjoy the deck, screened in gazebo, vegetable garden and fi re pit and throughout the colder months, there is a living room area with a cozy fi replace and a variety of games, crafts and visitors to keep them entertained.

There are daily, weekly and monthly rates available, and the cost is set to be comparable to that of Saskatoon Health Region, as well as other private homes.

For more information, contact Respite Care Services at respitecareservices@sasktel.net, or call (306) 931-8979.

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